Brand Value Matters

Investing in well-known brands when they are undervalued -
providing potential for your money to grow with them.

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The Brand Value ETF (NYSE: BVAL) tracks the EQM Brand Value Index, Powered by Thomson Reuters (Index Ticker: .BVAL). BVAL invests in companies whose brand is undervalued relative to its share price as determined by the rules-based Index.  By measuring the Brand Value change from year to year of its constituents, BVAL and its index strive to invest in well-established brands ahead of a company’s growth.


  • Brand Is Continually Relevant – Marketing professionals are keenly aware of shifting macro-economic situations, geopolitical shifts and the rise of Millennials. Companies are always curating their brands ensuring they thrive in the marketplace – brands adapt.
  • Brand Measures – Brand is the combined perception of advertising, customer experience, social media, packaging, signage, corporate identity, public relations and much more are continually tracked by growing companies.
  • Brand Is Key To Marketing – Marketing leaders gather internal analytics and external research to measure competitive success. Social media has accelerated the use and impact of these metrics for growing companies.
  • Brands Role Driving Business Growth – Companies know brand power is key to growth so they invest in brand building activities guided by future oriented insights. BVAL leverages quantitative brand data to deliver to you similar foresight so you can own well-known brands at the right time.
  • Brand Image Driven By Expenditures – Corporate expenditures can have a direct impact on brand image and image may have a direct positive impact on stock price.
  • Brands Are What You Know – Brands live in your imagination. Brands pull you into their world. They inspire you and build loyalty. So, consider investing in what you know through BVAL.


  • Strong Investment Thesis

    • You and your clients know Brands. Give them an opportunity to talk about knowing what they own.
    • Qualitatively-measured assets, like brand value, are not reported in financial statements. BVAL gives investors diversified exposure to these often-missed opportunities.
    • BVAL can be an effective diversifier to an investor’s portfolio. It generally has value-based holdings but changing brand values can create a growth-oriented tilt.
    • BVAL seeks to offer unique exposures when compared to traditional, market-cap weighted equity ETFs, which can result in high “Active Share” – the difference between BVAL holdings and other traditional ETF holdings.
    • The time to invest in strongly branded companies is when there is evidence that latent brand value is not being recognized in current market value. The Fund invests in these companies when the gap between brand value and market value is widest, thus attempting to capture return in their convergence.
  • Unique Exposure

    • Can serve as a core holding within a diversified portfolio
    • Can serve as a complement to an existing allocation in a broad market portfolio
    • Can serve as a potential alpha-seeking satellite strategy to a standard market cap strategy
    • Can serve as a diversifier to sector rotation portfolios as sectors change with Brand Value Scores.

Fund Informationas of 03/18/2019

Fund SymbolBVAL
Shares Outstanding650,000